Office Storage Ideas for a Productive Workspace

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Office Storage Ideas for a Productive Workspace

Is there any such thing as “too much storage”?

Well, the answer to that would be a definite no, right?

Especially speaking of offices, the storage requirements are infinite. Keeping files, stationery, books, and marketing collaterals require a generous amount of space, for which workspaces need smart office storage ideas.

Although digitization has made it easier to store soft copies on the cloud, certain documents have to be printed and preserved in the hard copy format. The documents have to be preserved for a number of years depending upon the project timeline.

A lack of sufficient storage leads to office desks being piled up with files making the place look shabby and unorganized. It also makes the workspaces appear cramped and suffocating thereby putting the employees in an unproductive space.

Conventional Office Storage Ideas

Office storage cabinets are the standard solution to the storage requirements of commercial spaces. Usually, the storage cabinets run along the wall above the employee workstation. At times, a vertical storage unit is also provided for contingency purposes.

Well-Defined Circulation

But more than often, simply providing storage cabinets does not suffice the office’s needs. Every item of work needs to be stored that is designed specifically for that item. However, cabinets are not always partitioned in a manner to effectively store every item. Hence, it is important to innovate alternative office storage ideas for enhancing the daily work routine of the employees.

Alternative Office Storage Ideas

The unused space in offices can be utilized to innovate unique office storage units. You can use a combination of various office storage ideas to cater to the office’s needs.

Mobile Storage:

Moveable storage units are the most preferred solution for contemporary offices because of the flexibility of design they provide. You can create multi-purpose furniture that can double as a storage unit. Side tables can be designed to have a hollow core and the space within can be used to store files. A similar concept can be applied to pouffes where the top can be cushioned and upholstered and the core can be used for storage.

Dowel Shelves

Dowel shelves are open wooden shelves supported on steel or wooden frames stacked one above the other. They can be installed as a DIY office storage hack or be designed by the interior designer as per the client’s needs. You can use dowel shelves to store files, reports, and stationery items. These shelves can also be accessorized with plants and decor accessories to enhance the aesthetics of office interiors.

Floating Shelves

A floating shelf is an open shelf that is supported by the wall using a bracket. Floating shelves are an office storage idea that can be useful for storing books and stationery material. These can be added to the office as an alternative storage option after the office design has been completed. You can aesthetically arrange the shelves in a vertically linear pattern or a zigzag pattern to suit the design theme of the office.

Desk Organizers

Stationery objects such as staplers, paper clips, markers, and pens are often found haphazardly kept on the desk. You can organize the desk by designing specific storage units such as file racks, pen holders, and mugs. In this manner, you can customize the desk design and make the desk look decluttered. It is one of the most cost-effective office storage ideas that can seamlessly improve the office interiors.

Drawer Dividers

Drawer storage units are designed in corners to accommodate files and brochures. The drawer can be divided into various segments and labeled further to make the drawer organized. You can use the drawer storage for keeping annual reports or progress sheets of employees for a longer period of time. Compartmentalising the drawer helps in keeping a track of the documents even in case of employee handovers.

Drawer Dividers

A pegboard wall is one of the most unique office storage ideas that can be used to hang bags and boards. You can design a pegboard on the wall as a feature element that can also adorn hanging plants, medals, schedules, and frames. The pegboard wall can be made in wood and installed on-site as a DIY project. If you are unsure about how well the pegboard wall will blend with the overall office aesthetics, then we suggest you experiment with the element in a small corner of the office.

Final Word

Supplementing the office with sufficient storage ensures that the place looks clean. It also creates an impression on the client and builds your credibility as an established brand that can handle large amounts of work. Also, with ample storage around, the employees do not have to crowd their desks with items, making their work desks look spacious. Thus, alternative storage units pose a win-win situation for all.

If you wish to learn more about office storage ideas, feel free to reach out to us here. You can also view our website to check out our relevant works.


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