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We design office cafeterias & break-out spaces that engage people around food, fun, and laughter. Our cafeteria interiors designs are set apart from the crowd because we focus on enhancing the eating experience. As one of the top cafeteria interior designers in Mumbai, we provide designs that are comforting, appetizing, and rejuvenating. Through our cafeteria designs, we promote health, hygiene, and cleanliness which are fundamental for any eating space. We build cafeterias with an eye for detail that fulfills the client’s requirements. We make sure that our choice of materials and surface finishes are well within the project budget. Indulge in our cafeteria interior design principles that make us the best in the business.

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Functional and Aesthetical Interior Design

Our cafeteria designs have the right balance of functional and aesthetic sense. In the design phase, we explore various circulation patterns and finalize the one that best suits the client’s desired aesthetics.

Working up the Appetite

We use colors, patterns, textures, and forms that resonate with good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. We also like to adorn cafeteria walls with appetizing murals, wallpapers, and decals.


Health Consciousness

Food impacts health and hence we make sure that our cafeteria interior designs promote hygiene. We use materials that are robust, easy to clean, and low maintenance.

Interactive Furniture Layout

We believe that the function of cafeterias is much more than eating food. It’s also a place for engagement and recreation which encourages us to design cafeterias for more interaction.

Sufficient Ventilation

Food is more appetizing when you can enjoy its fragrance and not be overwhelmed by it. Our office cafeteria interior designs are well-ventilated which helps people to savor the food in a comfortable environment.

Break-Out Spaces

Our cafeteria design plan is centered around fun. We make sure that our designs encourage people to speak and indulge in rejuvenation activities.

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