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What is an Experience Centre?

The Indian quote “Atithi Devo Bhava” establishes the significance of being hospitable and courteous towards visitors and guests. While these attributes can be achieved through gestures, they can be more effectively depicted through spatial design.

Psychology and space have an intertwined relationship that becomes tangible through design elements such as forms, colors, and textures. Especially in spaces such as building entrances, office receptions, and lobbies achieving hospitality through design is the key objective.

What is an Office Reception?

A good office reception design is a flawless way of making a good first impression. A reception area is the preliminary interaction space in an office that makes the visitor feel welcomed. It addresses the concerns of the visitor and directs them towards the desired office departments for work. It can also function as a waiting area for clients and interviewees by making provisions for seating areas.

Your Guide to Office Reception Design

An office reception design has to be comfortable, lively, and engaging. It should put your best foot forward and make the visitor get a positive & cheerful vibe. If you are getting your office designed or renovating the space, below is a guide you can consider for the most practical reception design ideas.

Reception Area Layout:

The primary function of a reception area is to support the office business by entertaining clients, collaborators, and other visitors. So, a reception area typically hosts a reception table and chair for the receptionist and a seating area for the guests. The room has to be designed for accommodating heavy human traffic while appearing spacious.

The layout of the reception area should be such that they provide an insight into the office culture while maintaining the privacy of the workspace. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the reception area also acts as a resilient design measure that limits the access of outsiders into the office. Sanitizers and temperature check machines can be installed in the reception area to promote health and hygiene.

Reception Desk

The office reception desk design must be done strategically because it is one of the busiest tables in the office because appointments and meetings are scheduled regularly. Hence, its design should be ergonomically optimal for the receptionist to work and engage with visitors. To create an efficient office reception design, you need an average area of 1 square meter behind the desk.

The average area of the reception area can be 7-10 square meters. The chair of the receptionist should be motorized and adjustable to conveniently maintain eye contact with the visitor and the computer.

Wall Art

Art has the power to influence the mind like no other design element. It can act as an accent element in the room by adding color and form. Wall art can be a great conversation starter for visitors. The art in the reception area must offer a glimpse of the company’s style and philosophies adding a hint of personalization.

The size and proportion of the art also need to be determined based on the layout of the room. The key to selecting the right art is to strike the visual balance between all elements of the room. The art should not be overpowering or overwhelming the visitor. A bright abstract painting can be a good choice for the reception wall.

You can also utilize the company logo as an accent piece to adorn the reception area.

Indoor Plants

Plants have a calming impact on people and are a natural stress-buster. Using indoor plants as a way to bring cheerfulness and color to the room is a great reception design idea. Plants such as bamboo, peace lilies, snake plants, areca plants, succulents, and ZZ plants are suitable for offices. They need less maintenance and can thrive indoors.

Plants help in lightening the mood by creating a relaxing environment. You can place plants beside the seating area or set them up on the reception table.

Lighting and Furniture

The furniture in the office reception area needs to be non-bulky, minimalistic, and comfortable. Do not crowd the reception area with many furniture pieces as that would hamper the circulation in the space. For a small office, a 3-seater couch along with a coffee table is sufficient to accommodate the reception needs. In the case of corporate offices, you can design an interactive furniture layout with couches, chairs, and benches.

The use of natural light to brighten up the reception area can make the space look warm and cozy. However, if you cannot invite natural light into the office then artificial lighting can be leveraged to create an interesting play of patterns and sciography. The reception desk can be lit up with pendant lights and the room can have a floor lamp as a statement piece to make the office reception look artsy.

Shelves and Display Units

A reception area serves the purpose of engaging with people and keeping them occupied. Coffee table books and magazines come in handy to support this requirement. Hence, bookshelves would be an interesting design element to incorporate in the office reception design.

If you have a generous amount of space in the reception area, then you can adorn the room with display units and accessories. Souvenirs, awards, certificates, and tchotchkes can serve as engaging elements in the display unit.

Final Word

“You never get a second chance to make the first impression,” said the British writer Andrew Grant and we cannot help but agree with him. The office reception design is a tangible way to make that impression on a client. Since the reception area is all about catering to the guests, you must plan it in proximity to the pantry. A restroom should be planned besides the reception to zone out public and private places.

Personalize your office reception design by seeking inspiration from the company’s brand identity. Select colors, art, and accent pieces that resonate with the brand and make the space exclusive for office users.

If you wish to learn more ideas about reception design for the office, feel free to reach out to us here. You can also view our website to check out our relevant works.


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