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The Complete Guide to Office Furniture Selection

Imagine an office with beautifully textured walls and flooring but it does not have any furniture. Would you find that office space useful? We get that your answer would be a certain “no”. This is because furniture adds utility to an office. Furniture makes a space purposeful by helping serve a function. Hence, furniture is essentially an integral element in Office Interior Design.

During office furniture selection, one must strike a balance between aesthetics and function. The primary consideration for the selection of furniture should be durability and strength. Further, the furniture should be so organized that it makes the office appear well organized supporting the efficient circulation of space.

5 Guidelines to Consider During Office Furniture Selection

The style of your furniture should sync with the office interior design. It should enhance space utilization by making furniture design more effective. The hierarchy of employees should also be considered while selecting furniture variations. The usable area provided by a piece of office furniture should be evaluated based on its adequacy, optimal functioning, susceptibility to loss or damage, and personal movement space for the employee.

Below is a furniture selection guide you can use for your office.

Human ergonomics is the key consideration for office furniture selection that needs to be prioritized. Appropriately designed furniture creates healthy offices which encourages employees to be more productive. Making provision for the footrest and adjustable monitor arms help in making workspaces comfortable. The table and chair setup should be arranged in a fashion that allows maintenance of a good working posture. Select motorized chairs with the flexibility of adjustable height which also supports the spinal curves. There should be sufficient clearance below the desk without any hindrance from storage shelves where the employees can rest their feet.

Flexible Design, Movement, and Comfort

All contemporary offices have two kinds of furniture – fixed and mobile. The tables and storage shelves are usually fixed and the chairs are mobile to encourage flexibility in design. Your office furniture selection should be such that it aids easy movement around the space. Hence, you should select lightweight chairs without compromising on the quality of the material. This will ensure that the furniture is less susceptible to wear and tear while being shifted from one place to another. Further, you should consider comfort over everything else. The shape of chairs and tables should be such that employees do not feel fatigued while accomplishing their tasks.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Let your office furniture serve more than one purpose. You can either get them customized according to your requirements or invest in some multi-functional furniture pieces from leading brands. Having multi-functional space not only helps you to save space but also adds to the flexibility of design. Dual-purpose tables, double-seater chairs, poufs, and benches with built-in storage are excellent examples of multi-functional furniture. With such versatile furniture units, your office can never feel cramped. It will help in keeping your office clean and organized, hence creating a good impression on the visitors.

Furniture Layout and Variety

Today, office furniture layouts are no longer restricted to the idea of a singular model being repeated throughout the space. As open floor office plans are becoming more desirable, versatility in spatial design is becoming the new norm. You can plan work pods and coworking desks alongside linear workstations to introduce a contemporary vibe to the office. This also provides you with the opportunity to experiment with various kinds of furniture thereby making the office more dynamic. Also, as your business expands and you hire more people, having various kinds of furniture layouts will help in avoiding the issue of space crunch.

Appearance and Costing

Achieving the desired office furniture aesthetics within your budget is the real deal. The furniture costs will vary based on whether you opt for modular furniture or a custom-made design. Typically, modular furniture is preferable for larger offices and custom-made furniture is better for small-sized offices. In terms of appearance, you can experiment with various colors and shapes by deriving inspiration from trending office design styles. You can also consider your office design as an extension of your brand identity and reflect your logo colors and patterns on the wall, flooring, and furniture. You can also introduce different furniture styles by classifying offices into various zones, giving every department of work its unique visual identity.

Final Word

Your office furniture serves manifold purposes. It helps in achieving more efficient outputs from employees by providing comfortable seating arrangements. You can consider integrating technology in your office furniture through smart standing workstations, and monitor-installed desks. During office furniture selection, pay attention to guarantees and warranties which will ensure that your furniture lasts longer and provide more value.

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