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The clients briefing was ‘minimalist office interiors’. We embraced minimalism with a palette of white, grey, and light-toned wood creating a serene and productive environment. This design approach promotes simplicity, cleanliness, and a clutter-free mindset for enhanced focus and creativity.

White walls create a spacious and airy feel, symbolizing simplicity and openness. Light shades of grey add depth and sophistication without overwhelming the space. Light-toned wood brings warmth and a natural element to the minimalist office. Its texture and grain add visual interest, while infusing a sense of comfort and inviting atmosphere.

Clean-lined and functional furnishings maintain the minimalist aesthetic. Uncluttered desks, ergonomic chairs, and efficient storage solutions that seamlessly blend into the color scheme, promoting organization and productivity.

ArcVac Forgecast Pvt. Ltd.

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February, 2023

Kolkata, India

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Incorporated in 2005, we specialize in Commercial Interiors & Exhibition Design. Our consistency in output has been rewarded with repeat business from our Clients, which is the best testimony to our Quality & Service.

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