As interior designer firm we specialise in number of creative services enhancing the value & aesthetics of your space



Our design approach for experience centre treats spaces as an opportunity for storytelling & engagement. Keeping your communication objectives & visitor experience at the core, we use the available space to communicate & connect in the most engaging ways. Combination of graphic panels, digital installations, physical product demos and nuances like layout planning & lighting – are all employed to create an immersive & experiential space for your brand.
Our projects for Reliance Industries limited, RPG Raychem, Kalpataru Avana & Mitsubishi Electric are examples of customer experience center design.

Interior Design

We create office spaces which are unique, futuristic and budget friendly. Our dedicated team of Architects and 3D visualizers design spaces which are functionally and creatively sound.
As interior designers, we aim to achieve the balance of optimum use of the space & aesthetics.
Be it a conference room, reception, breakout areas, cafeteria, lounge areas or workstations, we strive to create the perfect office environment.
Our projects for RPG Raychem, CIS & Ericson Richards are examples of our work in this domain.


Office Revamps

Office revamps are a budget friendly and quick way of renovation. It is always a challenge to redo an existing office space in running condition. Thus our solutions keep the existing structure & furniture setup intact and work only on the surfaces to give a new and fresh look.
Intelligent usage of materials like wallpapers, vinyl graphics, decals, laser cut logos, pre-fabricated glass panels, decorative lights & free standing prefabricated elements are extensively used for office revamps.
Our projects for Uber, Pilz & RPG Raychem are perfect examples of how we turned around the appearance of an existing workspace with minimum disturbance to the work flow.

Retail Design

In retail design we create spaces which are enticing and interactive.
Our design allows brand the to be bold with their spaces & attract more customers. Through carefully selected forms, colours, signage, and aesthetics, we create environments that connect with the target audience and keeps them coming back.

Our projects like Portico & Funjoy reveal our ability to create a perfect settings even in small spaces.


Office Branding

Office branding is an ideal way to spice up the office space while creating an impression of your brand. Our design infuse colour, vibrancy and inspiration leading to a happy & energetic work environment.
Easy to install materials like customised wallpapers, customised vinyl graphics, decals, lgos, glass films and brand specific usage of wall colours help to enhance your company’s value.

Our projects like Uber & Pilz are the perfect examples of office branding to keep your team productive, inspired and motivated every day.