How to Best Incorporate An Office Breakout Space in Your Design?

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How to Best Incorporate an Office Breakout Space in Your Design?

Imagine an office space with beautifully designed cubicles, cabins, and conference rooms, but it lacks the space for rejuvenation.

How would you feel in this office? Saturated, bored, and uninspired, right?

Incorporation of a rejuvenation space in offices allows people to enjoy work- which is essential for growth. Employees who enjoy work tend to be more productive, energetic, and full of ideas thereby helping the company to progress. 

What is an Office Breakout Space?

Gone are the days of a “horse-blinder” approach to work that restricted people to their desks. Today, people want to collaborate, move around, and feel encouraged in a dynamic workspace. An office rejuvenation space or an office breakout space helps in achieving these attributes.

An office breakout area is an area in the workplace that provides employees with a room for relaxation and recreation. Depending upon the availability of space, this rejuvenation space can be an open area such as a terrace or it can be an enclosed room. People can have informal discussions, play, walk, or simply sit in a breakout space to revitalize their day at work.

5 Ideas to Create An Office Breakout Space

Designing a breakout area in an office is similar to designing idea incubators. The space should enable collaboration and innovation by using recreation as a tool. Use the below ideas to design a productive office breakout space.

Define the Purpose

You can design an office breakout space for any rejuvenation activity such as interaction, gaming, de-stressing, meditation, or some physical activity. The activity that you select will define the floor layout and furniture selection of the breakout area. In case you want to encourage a work culture based on interaction, then we recommend you have many comfortable chairs arranged in the form of a huddle where people can sit and have a cozy chat. If you want to incorporate stress-relief activities in your rejuvenation area, then meditation pods would be a good choice. You can place these pods in a manner that they enjoy the view of lush greenery or some thoughtful wall art.

Location of the Office Breakout Space

Many corporate companies have multi-floor offices with a breakout space located in the corner of any one floor. Such kind of planning is suitable in case you have an extremely small floor plate. But, it is not the ideal way to deal with the rejuvenation area. The size and location of your office breakout space should be convenient enough to accommodate all the employees and be at a reasonable distance from work desks. Typically, the area should be centrally located so that it is easily accessible by the working staff. The office design should be such that the breakout space appears to be a part of the plan and not a later addition

Furniture Selection and Layout

An office breakout area should appear to be light-hearted, warm, and fun. Hence, it is important to have a flexible floor plan that suits the versatile needs of your workforce. Do not clutter the floor area with a lot of furniture to keep the space free-flowing. Plan a mix of informal furniture pieces such as lounge chairs, bean bags, and poufs. Make your rejuvenation area more dynamic with moveable and lightweight furniture. Design with minimalist principles to make the office breakout space feel calm and inviting. 

Connectivity with Nature

No matter where your office breakout space is located, it should always have a view of the outdoors. Nature in incredible ways has the ability to reduce stress and boost creativity. But if your rejuvenation area does not have a window or access to a landscaped terrace, you can introduce indoor plants to fulfill that requirement. While doing so, do not substitute vibrant green plants with artificial ones. Plants such as snake plants, peppermint, areca palm, lavender, chamomile, and basil are great stress-busters for a highly charged office environment. Plants purify the air and make the indoors airy thereby creating a pleasant recreational environment.

Use of Colors and Textures

Taking a break at regular intervals is important for improving work productivity. This can be achieved through a variety of colors and patterns. You can paint walls with bright textured energy-inducing colors such as red, yellow, and orange. You can also introduce textures and patterns by having nature-alike wallpapers such as stone and floral to make the place look soothing. Install murals, soft boards, and paintings on the wall to make the office breakout space look more creative. 

Final Word

In today’s time and age, having a recreational area in offices is not a waste of space. It is an essential element of design contributing to the effectiveness of employees. A well-designed office breakout space will help in reducing stress, anxiety, and monotony at work. It will help improve concentration and creative thinking enabling the employee to better contribute to the company’s growth. Allow natural light into your office breakout room to reduce drowsiness and eye strain triggered due to staying indoors.  

If you wish to learn more ideas about workstation design for the office, feel free to reach out to us here. You can also view our portfolio to check out our relevant works. 

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